Hockey d-board, the new look for NHL fans

With NHL’s regular season approaching, NHL teams have been hard at work in preparation for the playoffs.

One thing is for certain: the games will be intense, and the players and coaches are preparing to take on a full season of work.

With the regular season starting on February 1st, the first full season under the new NHL schedule will be played in early February.

There are three more games scheduled for March: the Stanley Cup Finals (which takes place at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA) the World Championship, and a second exhibition against Team Europe.

In anticipation of the first two games, we caught up with some of the players involved in the development of the NHL’s new look.

Here’s a look at the guys involved in building the new Hockey D-Board.

First, a quick note on the team behind the new hockey d-boards.

The NHL announced its new design for its new official d-boarding in June of 2018, with the goal of giving fans a better understanding of how the game is played.

To do that, the league had to find the right design to match the NHL logo.

“We were fortunate to find a design that was extremely accurate to our logo, and that was the most important part,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

“It has to be very accurate to the logo, it has to make it look right, and it has really to work in harmony with our logo.

So, when we decided to go with this, the goal was to create a d-ticket that could match the league’s logo and match the look of the game.”

It took three months to find that perfect design, and after three months of work, the NHL and NHLPA have finalized their new design.

The final product is a hockey dboard, which is a dented-sided piece that sits on a hockey player’s back, and which can be used to display any number of official NHL jerseys, including Team Canada, Team USA, and Team Canada jerseys.

The d-Board features an “X” at the top, the team logo, as well as a small “C” next to the team name.

It also features the NHL crest, and two stripes at the bottom.

The goal is to create the ultimate d-ball, and Bettman said it was important for the NHL to keep the d-Balls as close to the NHLs logo as possible.

“The best way to do that is to use the same design, but to have a more authentic look,” Bettman added.

The design also features an official “NHL logo” logo on the side, which also is unique to the dboard.

The logo has also been changed from the traditional red, white, and blue to a darker blue and gold color scheme, which adds to the realism.

Bettman says the goal with the new design is to make the d Board look more authentic to the game, which will help to increase the overall attention that fans pay to the sport.

“It’s important to make sure that our fans are not paying too much attention to what we do,” Bettm said.

“But when they see it, they know it’s the same as what they’re seeing every day.”

The new d-Ball is expected to be unveiled this week at the NHL Draft.

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