Hockey table updated with data from the 2016-17 season

The NHL has updated its hockey table, and now includes a breakdown of the teams and the NHL standings, for the 2016 season.

As with the other tables, the goal of this updated version is to bring more transparency to the data available.

The NHL is now more transparent than ever, with all the stats from the past year on the top of the new table.

The table shows the top 30 teams for the NHL regular season standings, plus a few other tidbits of information like the percentage of points scored and goals scored.

This updated table also includes a more detailed look at each team’s record over the past four years.

One interesting change is the addition of a divisional playoff tiebreaker.

This was added to the table in the 2016 NHL Draft, and it’s now included in the standings as well.

The top 30 are separated into three groups, each of which is broken down by division.

The top 10 teams in each division are then listed in alphabetical order.

If you’re interested in finding out how your division stacks up against the rest of the league, you can do that by clicking here.

Here are some more of the important stats that were added to this updated NHL table:The top teams in the league in 2016-2017 were:Boston Bruins (23-7-3, 48 points)Dallas Stars (22-7, 39 points)Detroit Red Wings (21-8, 36 points)Florida Panthers (21/8, 35 points)Montreal Canadiens (21, 7 points)San Jose Sharks (19, 9 points)Toronto Maple Leafs (19/8 points)Vancouver Canucks (19 points)Minnesota Wild (18 points)Pittsburgh Penguins (18, 10 points)St. Louis Blues (17 points)Washington Capitals (17, 11 points)New Jersey Devils (17)Chicago Blackhawks (17), Tampa Bay Lightning (16)Chicago White Sox (15)Detroit Tigers (15), Los Angeles Angels (14)Colorado Avalanche (14), Anaheim Ducks (13)Colorado Rockies (13), Arizona Coyotes (12)Los Angeles Kings (12), Florida Panthers (11)Minnesota Twins (11), Philadelphia Flyers (10)New York Islanders (10), New York Rangers (9)St Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks each had five wins or more in the playoffs in 2016, the most in the NHL.

The other notable change is that teams in a division are now separated by the standings in the division’s final standings.

The team with the best record in the last four seasons is now listed in the top 20.

A couple of other notable additions are the number of games played by each team, and the percentage change in the points scored.

The first is for the first year of the table, so it’s an improvement over the previous version, which included the results of the 2016 draft lottery.

The second change is a look at how teams fared in the second half of the season.

There’s no longer a separate breakdown for the final five games.

This is because the teams in that last group of games were a total mess in the post-season, with so many injuries, suspensions, and suspensions that they ended up with a weak record and a poor record in post-summer play.

Finally, the table shows a breakdown by team in the three regions.

This table includes the East, West, and South divisions.

The table also shows the standings for the past five seasons, which include the postseason.

If you’re curious how the standings stack up in these tables, you’re welcome to look at the standings post-draft and the standings through the playoffs.

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