How one guy came up with a new name for his team’s mascot

Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup?

That’s a question the NHL has been struggling with for years.

The league’s commissioner, Gary Bettman, has repeatedly pointed to the number of NHL teams, not the amount of games played, as a reason to keep bringing back the game.

The sport is, however, a little more complicated than that.

The numbers tell a different story.

Who’s the king of hockey?

The NHL is not a single entity.

Each team is an amalgam of various teams and players from across the league.

The teams are organized into divisions.

The NHL’s four teams play each other twice a season in the Central Division, the Eastern Division, and the Western Division.

Each division consists of the teams that make up that division, and they each play one other division.

This is a big difference from other professional sports, where the divisions are often the same division, as the National Hockey League is the National Football League, the NBA is the NBA, and so on.

The National Hockey Association, by contrast, plays four divisions and is a multi-division league.

But the NBA has an entire league.

There are divisions for the NHL, the NHLPA, and, of course, the NFL.

There is also the NBA and the NBAPA, which have their own divisions.

These divisions are divided into three parts: the Eastern, the Western, and Central.

The Eastern Division is comprised of teams from the Metropolitan Division, which includes the Brooklyn Nets and the Washington Capitals.

The Western Division is the Central, which is comprised mostly of teams in the West, from Los Angeles to Seattle to Denver to Chicago.

The Central Division is also comprised of the West and includes teams in all the other parts of the country.

The West Division, with its teams from Los Angelos to Seattle, is a little different.

The Pacific Division, in which all the teams are in the same geographical area, is comprised entirely of teams that are not in Los Angeles.

The Atlantic Division, where teams are separated by the width of the ocean, is also divided by the breadth of the Atlantic.

There’s also the North American Hockey League, which consists of three divisions: the Western Conference, the Central Conference, and a Pacific Division.

The North American League also includes teams from Canada, Mexico, and other parts on the Pacific Coast.

The AHL, the National Professional Ice Hockey League in the United States, is the only other professional league that is split up into its own divisions and that also has its own conference.

The two other professional leagues that are separated from each other by the Pacific and Atlantic divisions are the American Hockey Association (AHA) and the American Professional Hockey League (APHL).

In the Pacific Division there are the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Arizona Coyotes, and Portland Trailblazers.

In the Atlantic Division there is the Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The four teams in each division play a minimum of seven games each season.

The number of games a team plays in the NHL is calculated by adding up all the games they play in the previous two seasons together.

For example, if a team has played three games in the past two seasons and two in the third, they’ll count as two games in each of the previous three seasons.

If a team played three more games in 2015-16 and two more in 2016-17, they would count as one game in each season, or nine.

A team’s games played during the season are counted twice.

A player’s number of minutes played is added to the player’s total number of regular season games played.

The total number is then divided by 10, where 10 is the number that the player played last season, divided by 3, and then multiplied by 2.

The result is the player and the total amount of minutes he or she played in the regular season.

To calculate a player’s games, you multiply the total number played by the number played during each regular season, which you then divide by the total games played by that player in the season.

For a player to be considered for inclusion in the All-Star Game, he or her played at least two regular season NHL games during the regular seasons.

For players to be included, they have to play at least three games for the team they represent during the 2015-2016 season.

This year’s All-Stars are announced on Jan. 26.

The players selected are the players who were the most active in the league during the previous season.

Those who were selected were those who had played the most games, and those who played fewer than two games during that season.

It’s important to note that the number is not necessarily the same as the number you’d see in the standings.

The regular season is not the most important part of the season, and there is no real way to determine how much a player contributed to the team

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