How to make a lightning hockey stick for Christmas: Lightning clipart

A video has emerged on social media that shows a hockey stick that could be used to make the lightning bolt for Christmas.

The clip appears to have been taken from a video posted by a woman named Yael Ben-Ami, who goes by Yael and has since been making viral videos on social networks.

The clip was posted on YouTube and Twitter and has been viewed more than 30 million times.

“We made the lightning hockey glove for Christmas and now it’s our turn to make lightning hockey sticks,” Yael told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Yael said she and her family have made some of the best lightning hockey gloves she has ever made.

They are sold out, and they are making a special lightning hockey hockey stick.

The woman was using a disposable plastic water bottle for her ice cream.

Yael said the plastic bottle is too thin and so the plastic has melted.

The plastic bottle she used was too thin to make it stick.

“It was a bit too easy,” Yana Ben-Anon told the AP.

“It was very hard to make.”

Ben-Aman made her ice creams from scratch.

She uses the ice cream maker on a regular basis.

The video shows Yael using the ice maker to make an ice cream that melts in your hand.

“She is the kind of girl who likes to do everything by herself,” Ylan said.

The video has been shared more than 10,000 times and has garnered more than 4,600 likes on Facebook.

The maker, Yael, told the Associated Press that the ice creamer is made of plastic and that the plastic is too hard to work with.

She said the reason for the ice is to be able to make ice cream with a lighter weight, because plastic is very hard.

“The ice is lighter, and it is lighter than plastic,” Yala Ben-Alon told The AP.

Ben-Alons daughter Yael is also making the ice and said she has seen similar videos from other parents making the same thing with disposable plastic bottles.

She told the AFP that the reason she made the ice stick is to make sure it lasts a long time, not to be used.

“I want to make this ice stick for myself,” Yelah Ben-Avon told AP.

“This ice stick will last a long, long time,” she added.

The makers website has instructions on how to make one.

Yelah and Yael also have other videos on YouTube showing their ice cream making.YELAH BEN-ALON: You need to get the water bottle and get the plastic, and then put it in a plastic water container and pour ice cream in the container, and just keep doing it for a while and then just pour the ice over the top of the container and you’ll be ready to make chocolate ice cream, YELAH BEAN-ALONS: It’s like a snowball, it’s a snowball.

You just get in the water, pour the cream and ice cream over the bottom of the ice, then pour over the ice to the top, and make a snowman.YELLA BEN-A: And the kids will be able, it’ll make their ice-creams last for a long long time.YALAH BEANNON: It was like a really easy thing, and I’m sure that people will be like ‘you made a really nice thing.'”YELA BEN: You made it?YELah Benan has made several ice cream sticks for her family.

Yels mom Yael made a lightning stick for the family at her home, where she made them for the holidays.

The company says the ice makes a good ice cream for a quick batch.”

You can make your own ice cream by mixing together water, milk and cream, and putting it in the refrigerator for an hour or so, and when it’s ready, it can be used for an ice-filled beverage or dessert,” the company says.

Yolanda Ben-Amar told ABC News that she made a few batches and then realized she could make ice-free ice cream without using plastic bottles for ice cream because the ice was so thin.YOLANDA BEN-AMAN: And then you get a few little pieces of plastic, the pieces of ice that you can just put in a glass of milk and put it on top of a bowl and you have ice cream.”YELANDA BERNAN: It just melts in the glass.

It just comes out of the bowl and I can pour it over ice cream and it just melts.

YELANNA BEN-BARAM: And you know that it just melted in the bowl?

YELANA BEN-ABRAMAN: Yeah, and so it was just, it was a beautiful thing.YELS MOM: It would have been really hard for me to do it without the plastic because it’s so thin, so thin

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