How to make your own shark nets

How to create your own diving nets for your underwater games?

It’s simple, really, just make some fancy stuff out of some recycled materials and paint them a different colour.

The process is quite straightforward, but there’s a lot of fun to be had.

Here’s how.

What you need: Some plastic pipe.

A good quality one.

Paint some plastic to match the colour of your water.

Get a few strips of polyester to hold the water.

(Polyester is one of the cheapest and easiest to work with.) 

You can buy these online or at craft stores.

It’s not as good as a professional, but it works well. 

Make the strips a little longer than the length of the pipe, to allow the water to slide down and back in. 

When you get it together, lay it on a towel to dry.

Once dry, put the strip in the water and let it sit.

If you want to make them larger, you can add some rubber bands to the end.

Then just place the strips in a plastic bag, fill with some plastic and paint it the colour you want. 

This is pretty easy to do, but if you do it wrong you can get some really nasty bubbles and the game could start getting really annoying. 

To make the nets bigger, add some plastic strips.

Make the plastic strips as long as you want them to be.

This is where the rubber bands come in.

Put a little more plastic on the end of the plastic, just enough to hold it down, then attach it to the ends of the strips with a small piece of plastic pipe or a piece of rubber. 

Now you’re done! 

You’re done.

If the nets are too long, add a few more strips of plastic to get a wider net. 

Then just make a new strip out of the rubber band.

Now you can make up more.

Now you can take your new nets to a friend’s house for a quick swim or dive.

This time, though, you’re going to need a whole bunch of them.

A lot.

To make this project a bit more manageable, you could also cut out a couple of pieces of tape to make up a ring.

This way you don’t have to worry about tying down the net as you’re swimming, or tying up the pieces of plastic in the end as you dive.

And you can also attach the rings to the water for extra security. 

These are all things you can buy online.

They’re inexpensive, and they’ll hold up to a lot more water than you’d ever expect to get. 

But the best part of this whole project is that you don, too!

These nets are great for just about any game you want!

And they’re just a couple clicks away from your backyard.

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