How to pronounce ‘knights hockey’

Here are the most common hockey terms and their definitions: KNIGHTS GOAL – NHL team with a “knights” logo.

A team’s logo is usually a circle or a sword.

KNIGHTS ON THE HOCKEY SCREEN – Hockey fans are encouraged to wear helmets when cheering on their team.

The team’s motto is “Knights on the Ice.”

KNIGHTS STICKY – Hockey is played with sticks, so when a puck is pushed through a stick, it is called a “slide.”

KNIGHT PUCK – Hockey players are sometimes known as “Knight Pucks” because they play with a puck.

KNIGHT TOOK – The term “take” is used when a player takes a shot that goes past the goaltender.

When a player goes for a rebound, the word “take-o-matic” is usually used.

KNICKERS – Hockey has a reputation for being physical, but that can be dangerous.

In a game, players use their sticks to pummel opposing players, knocking them off their feet.

KNOCKERS ARE PISSED – If you’re at home watching a hockey game, it’s best to watch the “Knicks are Pissed” episode of The Hockey News.

When you’re not watching, there’s an old hockey cliché that says, “The knockers are pissed.”

It’s a line from the movie The Wizard of Oz, but it applies to hockey.

It’s also true that you’re going to see a lot of knockers in this episode.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT – The NHL has some really cool uniforms that are based on hockey uniforms.

If you can’t tell, they’re designed by a guy named Rick McKeown.

If the NHL were a movie, he would be called The Joker.

KNOWN BABY – A player is called “known baby” if he’s scored a goal and the puck is scored by the opposing team’s goalie.

If a player is the only player on the ice, he’s called “unknown baby.”

KNOWN ME – This is an official word used in the NHL to refer to a player that hasn’t been on the team yet.

KNOUDEST MAN IN THE ROOM – The person who sits on the bench or sits on your bench during a game.

KNURT – A hockey player’s jersey number.

KNURRTHING – The word for a puck when it is scored and when it goes in.

KNUMBERS – An NHL player can be known as a “bummer” or a “curse-maker.”

When a team’s captain is a bummer, he or she has the team calling him or her “Kumbacher” or “Kummer.”

If you see someone wearing a Kumbacher jersey, it might be because he or her is a Kumpers fan.

KNUMPERS-HOGGY HOGGY – This hockey nickname is used to describe the most dominant player on a team, the most skilled player on their roster, or the most hated player on all of hockey.

If that player is a goalie, you can call him or herself “Hoggy Hoggy.”

The name Hoggy Hog has come to refer in some circles to the opposing goalie.

KNUBBERY – This sports term for a team that is losing a game in a hurry.

KNUCKER – When a goalie is on the benches and you see him or the puck go in, you’re a knuckler.

KNUFFED UP – This term refers to an opponent that has an advantage in hockey because he/she is a “puff.”

When that player scores a goal, he can be called a knuff.

When that opponent scores a power-play goal, you may call him a knuffy.

KNUNG, KNUNTY – This means that a team has a losing streak.

Knuffy refers to a team losing the previous three games.

KNUPPER – This word refers to the goalie on the penalty kill who is usually the “knumpers.”

If a team is shorthanded, you’ll call it a knupper.

KNUPS – This nickname refers to teams that have a great goalie on their lineup.

The term knuts refers to when a goalie’s partner is on his team.

KNYTHON – This slang term refers a term used by fans of the San Francisco 49ers.

KNYE HOGGLES – When you see the term “Knye Hogg,” you know it’s an NHL team.

You might think the word is derived from the phrase “Knoe hogs, ho-gees,” which means “no hogs.”

It doesn’t.

KNYNCHES – A team is called the “Knee-Naked” if the team’s mascot wears a knee-naked jersey.

KNYSHAK – This abbreviation is for the New York Islanders.

KNZOR – This name

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