How to win in the NHL without wearing a helmet: the official guide

After a series of games in which both teams have been playing without helmets, the NHL announced that it would be changing how players wear helmets for its upcoming game between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers on Wednesday.

The new rules are being announced as part of a public-health campaign aimed at reducing the number of concussions among players.

The NHL said in a statement that the change would allow more players to practice with helmets and allow them to wear them throughout the game.

In the past, helmets were mandatory for players in the league, but teams often opted not to wear helmets during games.

The league was forced to adjust its rules to accommodate that trend.

The new rules will allow players to wear a helmet for up to 15 minutes during a game and to wear it for up the rest of the game as well.

In a statement released Thursday, the league said that it had been “extremely frustrated” with the lack of progress on helmets in the past year.

“We have seen tremendous progress over the last year and we are pleased that this new approach will allow us to continue this important effort,” the league statement read.

“As a result of this change, we believe the game will be played safely, and we look forward to the fans and players of the NHL’s best teams practicing safely, as well.”

The new rule will come into effect for the first time on Wednesday and will last through the end of the season.

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