Which team will win the Stanley Cup?

With just one game remaining, the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders are locked in a tie for the Stanley Trophy as the two teams head into a one-game playoff at Gillette Stadium on Saturday.But it is not all bad news for the Bruins and Islanders, as they each have two games remaining, both with […]

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When are the best hockey games?

When you are looking for the best NHL games, you will find many great ones.Here is a list of the top 10 best hockey hockey games.1.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Anaheim Ducks2.New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings3.Montreal Canadiens vs. Carolina Hurricanes4.Washington Capitals vs. Calgary Flames5.Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks6.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Edmonton Oilers7.Colorado Avalanche […]

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Duluth goalie Mikael Granlund says he’s done with the NHL, is ready to play in Europe

Minnesota Wild goalie Mikail Gustafsson said Sunday that he’s decided to move on from the NHL and join a European club.“I’m going to Europe, and that’s what’s going to happen,” Gustafson said.“That’s what I was looking for.I was thinking of moving to Europe.I don’t know where, and I’m not going to get that [contract], but […]

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