When did the Hockey Hall of Fame become a Hockey Hall?

The Hockey Hall, located in downtown Los Angeles, was established in 1917 by the members of the Professional Hockey Players Association (PHPA).

The PHPA is a group of players who played hockey for over two decades and was known for its loyalty and the dedication of its members.

The Hockey Association was established to be a player-run organization.

The Hockey Hall has been around for almost 150 years.

The oldest building is in Brooklyn, New York, and the building has been open since 1912.

The hockey hall was originally built by a group who owned a factory and were forced to close the factory by the city in 1915 due to the Great Fire.

The first hockey game was played on June 25, 1924 at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan.

It was played in the home of actor Joe DiMaggio.

The hall was the first hockey arena in the United States.

It hosted the 1924 Winter Olympics.

The last hockey game at the hall was in 1980.

The Hall has also hosted some other notable events including the first football game on the field of play in 1954.

The Hall was the birthplace of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in 1968.

The NHL and the PHPA began working together to establish a player development program in the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1978, the Hall was renamed the Los Angeles Memorial Hockey Hall.

The new name was chosen as it had the added bonus of being a nod to the history of the hall and to the city.

It’s also the only hockey arena that is built from scratch.

The original hall is not only one of the oldest in the country, it’s also one of only two that was originally dedicated to a hockey game.

The new building was completed in 2014.

The NHL has been building a building in L.A. since it opened in 1962.

Its main goal is to bring the best and brightest from across the world to play in a city where it is possible to play hockey.

The building, located on the corner of Third Street and Vine, features two stories.

It features a 1,000-seat ice rink, indoor and outdoor hockey rooms, a banquet hall, offices, meeting rooms and locker rooms.

The interior features a state-of-the-art training facility that includes an indoor ice rink and weight room.

The team will have its first practice at the facility on March 22.

The league is also building a rink at the University of Southern California’s campus.

In the winter, the team will play at the UCLA Ice Arena in Southern California.

In the spring and summer, the LA Kings will play a series of exhibition games at the Ice Arena.

The rink also has a new indoor arena that will house the LA Ducks in the 2019-2020 season.

The Kings will be playing their first preseason game at Staples Center on April 15.

The game will be a one-day affair, which will be played on a Friday afternoon.

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