When Is The Hockey App Coming Out In Canada?

Posted by CBC Sports on Tuesday, April 30, 2018 · 6:10:07It’s official.

The CBC’s Hockey Canada app will launch this week in Canada.

That means that you can now access the NHL app, the National Hockey League, NHL.ca, NHL Network and NHL Fantasy Hockey as well as the official NHL app and NHL.com.

It’s a big step for the NHL, which has been stuck in limbo since the launch of the HockeyApp in October 2017.

The NHLPA, the NHL’s players’ union, lobbied hard for the app to launch in Canada and it did, after years of waiting.

But the NHL ultimately decided not to give up and opted for the long, expensive legal battle that culminated in a ruling from the Federal Court of Appeal.

The case is still pending.

But it’s not as if this new app won’t help the NHL in its quest to get its apps onto more platforms and services in Canada, including smartphones.

The app launched in Canada earlier this month, and it’s available in French and English.

CBC Sports says it’s the first app to support NHL Mobile, the league’s mobile app.

The launch in other markets is still in the works.

The NHL has not yet announced any additional markets or regions for the new app, though CBC says it plans to launch it in New Zealand.

If you’re already a CBC subscriber and want to check out the app, you’ll be able to do so via the CBC Sports app.

If you want to learn more about the NHLPA’s legal battle with the NHL and NHL Network, CBC says you can visit its website.

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