When you need to know where your favourite hockey team is in the US and Canada, and when they are playing in the same conference, here’s the information you need

When the NHL and NHLPA began their negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in March 2016, the focus was on the long-term outlook for the league, but the league had been working on other deals for years.

That’s why, as part of the first two months of negotiations, a new deal was agreed to for the 2017-18 season, the same as it had been for previous years.

The two sides had agreed to an eight-year contract for the 2021-22 season, with a team-wide cap of $69 million for the first year and $80 million for each of the following two years.

The deal would have made the NHL a $4 billion league, which would be the largest in the history of the league.

In October 2018, that deal was extended until 2021, with $66 million for two years and $74 million for one year, with the option of extending it for a further two years or for a second five-year deal.

The first year of the contract was the most lucrative, with an average annual cap of more than $10 million, making it the second highest in the NHL behind the 2014-15 contract that cost the league $60 million.

This would have been a huge deal for the players who would have seen a massive pay increase and the salary cap was expected to grow.

The team with the lowest average annual salary was the Washington Capitals at $7.1 million, followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning at $6.5 million, Winnipeg Jets at $5.4 million and Ottawa Senators at $4.9 million.

For the NHLPA, this was an exciting opportunity to get some more salary cap relief.

The first contract was also the biggest in league history, making the team in the top 10.

However, the first four years were capped at $65 million.

The new deal for 2021-02, which also included an $80,000 bonus, was expected be the biggest since the 2013-14 CBA that also included a $80.2 million bonus for the second year.

The players, meanwhile, were getting a big boost, with their average annual salaries coming up by $7 million.

While the salary is relatively small, the pay is a big reason why many fans would have liked to see the NHL return to the NHL.

The salaries were the biggest increase in the salary-cap era and the first time in the league’s history that it was increased at this rate.

The salary cap is set at $69.9 billion for the 2019-20 season, a number that has risen every year since then.

The cap for the 2018-19 season, which was also capped at 69.9, is expected to be around $65.5 billion.

The NHLPA was hoping for $65 billion to be the first to reach the $70 billion mark for the new CBA, but as the NHL prepares for the upcoming negotiations, it is wondering how much the league will be able to spend.

While some analysts were calling for a $70-billion increase, others thought it was a better number to target.

A number of teams were saying that the salary could be $70 million higher.

For now, it looks like it will be the highest increase in history, with teams in the bottom five earning a $65-million increase in average annual pay.

However, there is still one group of teams that are hoping for a bigger pay hike.

The Dallas Stars, the most-popular team in American sports, have made huge gains since the beginning of the new collective bargaining agreement, with average annual raises of $3 million.

However they still have a big gap to fill, with only five of the top 20 teams earning over $6 million per year.

There are some other interesting numbers that have been revealed in the recent talks, too.

The Stars had the most players on the roster last season with a whopping 19.

In fact, there were 17 players in the entire NHL who played at least 10 games for the team last season.

The team had seven players named to the All-Rookie team, but only two made the final squad.

Two of those were goalie Ben Bishop, who was the team’s best player last season, and defenseman Trevor Daley, who made the All and First Team All-Defensive teams last season for the third time in his career.

All the other players who made it to the team were drafted.

It is not clear who those players are yet, though it is likely that they are part of some of the bigger trades that have taken place.

The final list of players on Dallas’s roster last year includes a few interesting names, including: forward Jamie Oleksiak, forward Kyle Brodziak, goaltender Mattias Janmark, defenseman Michael Frolik, center Ryan Garbutt,

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