Which is the most thrilling fight on ice?

A new report by the International Ice Hockey Federation suggests the most entertaining ice-hockey fight is one that involves a player who’s been injured and hasn’t been playing hockey for a long time.

The tournament’s main event features the “Hockey Fight” between Russian forward Andrey Kuznetsov and Sweden’s Niklas Hjalmarsson.

It has been a controversial event since it started in 2004.

In the past few years, several players have been injured while participating in it, including Russian winger Oleg Kuzyaev and the Swedish defenseman Olof Palme.

But in a recent study, the International Hockey Federation says the most interesting ice-fighting battle is when it’s a player in his 40s or 50s, who has had no hockey experience for years.

“This is a very interesting and unique situation,” IHF executive director Alexander Yakovlev told reporters at the end of a recent press conference.

“Andrey Kukotsov, who is in his 50s with no experience, has won this tournament.

It’s a very special fight.”

Kuzotsov and Hjalti, a Finnish forward, are playing for the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in the second round.

They are in the first game of a two-game series.

In their last game of the series, on April 13, they had a 3-1 lead and were leading 3-2 at the time of the injury.

In this game, they took the lead 3-0 after two periods, and Kuzo’s shot on goal gave them a 4-3 lead at the 4:14 mark of the third period.

Kuzetsov’s shot, though, went wide of Palme’s goal.

That’s when Hjala hit the post.

It was a major blow for Hjalin, who scored the game’s first goal, but Kuzutov was able to score the game-winner to give the Russians a 4/2 lead.

“In this situation, we’ve got to do everything we can to give Andrey and Niklas a chance,” Yakovcel said.

“You cannot afford to lose a game like that.

That is an absolute miracle.

If we can win a game, it will be a big win.”

Hjalgaryns Kuztaev was also injured during the game, but he’s been playing for several years now.

He has played for the Czech Republic and the Slovakian Elite League, and has been playing regularly since he was 12.

He’s played in five NHL games this season, scoring two goals.

Kostas Palme scored a goal, too, in the fourth period of the game to put the Czechs ahead 3-3.

“We can do everything, but we have to remember that if we don’t win a fight, we will lose,” Palme said.

But there were plenty of other injuries that hurt the Kuzatovs.

A few players were suspended for their part in the game.

The Czechs, as well as Sweden and Russia, lost to Russia 3-4 in the tournament’s semifinals.

The Russians were able to avoid losing another game in the semifinals by beating the Czech team 3-5 in overtime.

In fact, the Russians scored the only goal in overtime in the semifinal, but the Russians lost that game.

It wasn’t until Game 6, which was tied 3-all, that the Russians got the better of the Czech players, who outplayed the Czech defense.

They even scored two power plays in the process.

The final game of Game 7 saw the Russians make it 3-6 in the third, but Russia managed to get back into the game and win the game 6-5.

The Russian team was down 2-0 with about 11 minutes left in the 3rd period, but Palme got a rebound in the corner and scored a power-play goal to make it 4-5 at the 1:55 mark.

“I’m very proud of the team,” Kuzeta said.

The three-game semifinal series will determine who advances to the final, which will take place on April 23 in Prague.

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