Why are there so many ‘Underwater Hockey’ videos on the web?

Howie had no interest in finding out why there were so many videos on his phone when he checked the internet, and he didn’t have time to check on his daughter.

“I don’t even watch TV, I only watch Youtube, and it was like this weird thing happening on YouTube,” he said.

“It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever been involved in.”

A few weeks after the storm, the couple started a blog called Howie’s Thoughts and it quickly became a favourite of the internet.

“We have to take the internet seriously, it’s the only way I can communicate with people,” he explained.

“People are really getting it now, they know the news and they know what’s going on.”

My kids are now on YouTube and I have my kids and my friends all on YouTube, it makes me really happy.

“Howie has seen the videos become a major source of conversation and inspiration, and one that has kept him going through tough times.”

When the storm hit I got really angry because the videos were really sad, sad, I didn’t like them,” he added.”

But then I saw it was actually a good thing and a good way to show people how bad things are.

“A lot of people have died in these videos, I’ve seen people that have died and seen people who have had to get out of the way because they can’t see what’s happening.”

You can’t even see it, it looks like you’re in a movie and it’s so sad, but that’s a good feeling to get.

“How many more ‘underwater’ videos are there?

With the floodwaters receding, Howie hopes that the internet can help educate people and inspire others.”

For the people who don’t know, the videos are made to show how bad it is, it doesn’t show anything that’s actually happening,” he admitted.”

There’s a lot of footage that has gone out, but I’m trying to find out how many more people are doing it and if they’re getting paid for it, or if it’s something they can donate to.


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